Constantly Redeemed: Ascending Spirals of Redemption

Tarsha M. Green

Constantly Redeemed

“Constantly Redeemed,” a non-fiction book by Tarsha M. Green. It’s a narrative that empowers readers through captivating stories and practical advice. Moreover, explore the aftermath of trauma, which invades one’s life without notice and continues to assault its victim until every area of their life spirals out of control. Consequently, they endure one vicious cycle after another until they reach rock-bottom. This downward spiraling experience is a reality for millions of women across all generations. The most important objective to remember is, “The spiral ascends upward as well, according to a divine plan.” God has a plan of escape for you, shared through the author’s journey of redemption.


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About the Author

Author, Tarsha M. Green, is a native of Houston, Texas, who possesses a flaming desire to share her testimony in hopes that the healing and salvation of others may be accomplished as she teaches perplexed and troubled souls the love of God.

Ms. Green has a heart for teen moms because she became pregnant at age 14, giving birth to a baby boy at age 15. Although she did not have support from her child’s father, she had a reliable support system consisting of her mom, her sister, and her stepdad. Even with this support and conquering the trials of being a teenage mom, she realized that there were many obstacles she had to face. Otherwise, with the families’ ongoing support, Ms. Green was able to finish school and make a career choice to enlist in the U.S. Army.

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