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“Resting is a Weapon: Evolving into the New Me”

Life can be painful. Losing someone we love due to an unexpected and untimely death hurts and cuts deep into our soul causing an immense emotional wound. If our soul could bleed, we would surely need an immediate blood transfusion. A substantial part of us has been lost. We may find ourselves detaching from people and the things we once loved because right now, we just want to be alone. Not isolated, just alone. Alone to process the pain and the thoughts. Alone to deal with everything we can’t yet fully understand, and may never come to understand. Alone to scream, and alone to simply lay in complete silence. Yet, at the same time, we long for someone to be there for us. We want someone to hold us, comfort us, and talk to us. We need someone who truly understands us, without judgment, and who won’t get tired of hearing us cry and express our deepest feelings, whether it’s hurt, anger, sadness, or even resentment. We just want to pour it all out today and again tomorrow, and who knows, maybe the next day as well. We need a safe space where we can release it all, and who better to offer that than God’s Holy Spirit? Humans can be fickle. One day they are there for us, the next day, they’re not. We can’t blame them though because we understand that people have their own lives and their own problems to deal with. They get tired and need rest, but Holy Spirit never does. I’m grateful to have a constant source of help and comfort in my times of deep sorrow and despair. The outside world may see me as perfectly fine, and my text messages may say that I’m “laughing out loud”, but deep down, I’m not cracking a smile. Instead, my heart is shattered, and I am desperately trying to heal not just from this recent spear being violently pierced into my heart, but also from a life of trauma, disappointment, and rejection. It feels like grief upon grief upon grief has been stacked upon me. Where does it end? It ends in the presence of my Savior, Christ Jesus. My wounds may not heal overnight, but God’s Presence is the best Trauma & Recovery Center I could ever be in. As I fight for my life, my sanity, my destiny, and my purpose, I can feel God telling me to “rest” and let Him fight for me. The enemy has been attacking me relentlessly, but recently God told me that “resting is a weapon.” So, as I rest, I trust that God’s mighty hedge of protection surrounds me while His holy angels fight this unseen battle on my behalf. With that being said, I know that I will not stay down. I will get back up and fight again. I will fight for my family, my bloodline, and for present and future generations. This is not the end of me; it’s actually the beginning of a new me. This is what happens when we rest in the glorious presence of God and lay our burdens at His feet: A new version of ourselves evolves and emerges like never before. ๐Ÿฆ‹๐Ÿ’š R.I.P Daddy. I love and miss you now, forever, and always. ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ’”

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Narrow Road

Navigating Life’s Challenges on the Narrow Road to Destiny

Redemption may appear distant and elusive at times. Life’s journey can lead us astray, making it challenging to find our way back to the path of righteousness. Within each of us, there exists a profound yearning to please our Father in Heaven, yet we may feel the strong pull and peculiar desire to remain entangled in a life of sin. During moments of desperation, when we question our actions and wonder why we can’t seem to get it right, the narrow path leading to the abundant life Jesus spoke of can feel daunting. In these times of turmoil, God is intimately present, comprehending our every emotion and need. Navigating a world filled with temptation makes walking upright a formidable task. Admittedly, the narrow path can also be a lonely one, but with the unwavering strength of our one true living God, it becomes not only possible but transformative. When faced with adversity and our emotions threaten to overwhelm us, our focus must be on fervently seeking the presence of God, not succumbing to the allure of the world. The world’s intentions are destructive, seeking our downfall, while God’s desire is to mold us into the beings He originally created us to be. Despite how far we may have strayed, the call to repent and turn around echoes loudly. The narrow road, though less traveled, is where true redemption awaits. The wide road, enticing as it may be, leads to destruction, while the narrow road guides us toward our destined purpose. God, in His infinite grace, beckons us to return home. Scriptural references: Romans 7:15John 10:10Psalms 34:18Psalms 51:17Matthew 7:13-14 As you embark on this transformative journey, consider the song “Running Back to You” by Commissioned, a heartfelt soundtrack to accompany your return to grace.

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Triumph Amidst Trauma

Inspiring Tales of Triumph Amidst Trauma

Tarsha M. Green’s Inspiring Tales of Triumph Amidst Trauma ๐Ÿ“š Unlocking Redemption Embark on my transformative journey with “Constantly Redeemed,” a best self-help book that offers empowering narratives and wisdom to navigate life’s challenges. The book unveils my redemption’s path, providing a story of resilience, empowerment, and triumph over trauma. ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ Testimonials and Media Recognition ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ I am humbled to share that “Constantly Redeemed” and my personal testimonies have been featured on various media outlets, including the esteemed KYOK Radio in Houston, Texas. Additionally, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to local media champions such as Devine Jamz Gospel Network, who have played a pivotal role in marketing and managing my website. To God be the glory for the widespread sharing of my story to thousands. My earnest prayer and hope are that souls will be touched in a profound way, leading them to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their redeemer, mirroring the transformative journey I have experienced. ๐Ÿ“˜ Join me, Tarsha M. Green on this inspirational expedition towards redemption and healing. Let the pages of “Constantly Redeemed” be your guide to finding hope beyond life’s challenges. ๐Ÿ“˜ ๐ŸŒŸ Key Topics: Inspirational Books, Best Self-Help Books, Self-Help Motivational Books, Wisdom Book, Books to Motivate You, Self-Motivation Books, Self-Improvement Books, Unlocking Redemption, Tales of Triumph Amidst Trauma, Breaking the Cycle, and Stories of Redemption and Resilience. Additional key topics in this book includes, Rising from Rock Bottom, A Journey of Redemption and Empowerment, Empowering Narratives, Escaping the Trauma Cycle, Redemption’s Path, Navigating Life’s Trauma with Purpose, Spiraling Upward, Stories of Triumph Over Trauma, From Victim to Victor, Embracing Redemption’s Journey, Unveiling Redemption, Finding Hope Beyond Trauma’s Grip, Ascending the Spiral, and A Journey to Redemption and Healing.

Inspiring Tales of Triumph Amidst Trauma

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